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Infinite Love Blanket

Big Lovie: 43” x 70”

Uniquely crafted using one continuous thread of ultra-soft chenille yarn, our Infinite Love blanket is the lightest, airiest and most luxurious chunky knit blanket you’ll ever experience.

Our quality and workmanship are unmatched. Most chunky knit blankets on the market use multiple spools of yarn, but the Infinite Love blanket is made with one continuous thread of single-center yarn, ensuring the most cohesive knitted blanket that will last through use and washing. We also use a copyrighted production method that ensures an even knit and square corners, meaning each Infinite Love blanket is equally lovely. Finally, our standards and quality controls are sky-high, inspecting each BIG LOViE blanket no less than four times to guarantee absolute perfection before shipment. Creating the finest chenille chunky knit blanket available today was a true labor of love, and we’re so excited for you to feel the BIG LOViE difference.

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